Tuesday September 28 , 2021
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Research and Faculty

American literature

Adaptation Studies

Anglo-Indian literature

Anglo-Mediterranea literature

Applied linguistics to professional and specific discourses

Bilingualism and second language acquisition

Community and the English novel

Comparative literature

Contemporary fiction

Contrastive lexical semantics

Corpus linguistics

Corpus stylistics

Critical discourse analysis

Critical stylistics

Critical Theory

Diasporic literature and memory

Early Modern literature and drama

Ecocriticism: Interdisciplinary study of literature, culture, and nature.


Empirical research in learning contexts

English literature and the visual arts

English morphosyntax

Gender studies

(Inter)Cultural Studies

Irish literature, cinema and culture

Irish theatre

Learner corpus-based Second Language Acquisition

Lexical approaches to literary analysis and translation

Lexicography and terminology


Linguistics and stylistics (synchronic and diachronic)

Literary and non-literary stylistics

Literature and Science in the Renaissance

Literary Criticism

Literary explorations of philosophical posthumanism

Literature and translation

Metaphor and metonymy

Multimodal stylistics

Origins of the English novel

Poetry in English – Poetics

Postcolonial literature in English

Pragmatics and communication

Rhetoric and text

Specialized languages, terminology, and knowledge engineering

The Language of Popular Fiction

Trauma Studies

Vegan Studies.

Victorian Fiction

Vulnerability and Disability Studies


  • Chacón, Rubén
  • Claeys, Gregory
  • Fernández Fuentes, Raquel
  • Forceville, Charles
  • Hadfield, Andrew
  • McKeon, Michael
  • Raymond, Joad
  • Rhodes, Neil
  • Samson, Alexander
  • Walker, Greg

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