Tuesday September 28 , 2021
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Testimonio Estera

De Estera Marciniak (Poland), curso 2009-10

"The MA programme in English Linguistics and Literature offered by Granada University is, in my opinion, very beneficial and compelling. Not only the lectures are truly interesting but also each of us had the opportunity to choose what we prefer, whether it is purely linguistics or literature or a mixture of both. All of the lecturers are helpful and supportive in every step of our education. Whenever needed, I could feel free to contact them and ask for a piece of advice. Apart from that, there is a very interesting teaching module, either at the university or in a bilingual high school. For people who want to pursue their career as teachers, the teaching module can be very rewarding. Personally, I have chosen and I recommend the bilingual high school teaching practice. I was enjoying it a lot and also improved my teaching skills. Moreover, it helped me to find a job I have always been dreaming about. All of the above mentioned benefits made my studies far more enriching than I had expected."

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Máster Universitario en Literatura y Lingüística Inglesas (335.56.1)

Dpto. de Filologías Inglesa y Alemana

Coordinadora: Margarita Carretero González (carreter@ugr.es)